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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #180 : 26. November 2019, 14:18:42 »
TLG kupilo BrickLink !!!

Ci to je pre nas AFOLov pozitivna sprava, alebo negativna sa uvidi - kazdopadne je to sokujuca sprava! Z ambasadorskeho fora:

Acquisition will strengthen the LEGO® Group’s engagement with its growing community of adult fans. 

BILLUND, Denmark, November 26, 2019:  The LEGO® Group today announced it has acquired BrickLink Ltd (, the world’s largest online community of adult LEGO fans from NXMH to strengthen its connection with its important adult fan base.

The BrickLink platform has more than one million members and comprises an online marketplace of more than 10,000 stores from 70 countries; a digital building software where builders can design and showcase their creations; and a vibrant online community where fans share ideas and builds.

The platform was founded in 2000 by Dan Jezek as a way to connect like-minded adult LEGO fans from around the world.  It was acquired in 2013 by NXMH, which is owned by Korean entrepreneur Jung-Ju “Jay” Kim. BrickLink is headquartered in Irvine, California.

The LEGO Group CEO, Niels B Christiansen said: “Our adult fans are extremely important to us.  They are passionate, committed and endlessly creative.  We have worked closely with the community for many years and look forward to deepening our collaboration.  We plan to continue to support BrickLink’s active marketplace and evolve the digital studio which allows our talented fans to take their creativity to the next level.”

Jung-Ju “Jay” Kim, owner of NXMH, said: “It has been a privilege to lead the transformation of BrickLink during the past six years.   I am grateful to the community for being so welcoming, supportive and constructive.  I am constantly amazed by everyone’s endless creativity and their love for building.  I am confident the platform will be in good hands with the LEGO Group. As a fan myself, I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

The LEGO Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Julia Goldin, said:  “BrickLink provides the LEGO Group with a unique opportunity to connect with adult fans through new channels and exciting experiences.  We’ve recently collaborated with BrickLink on a range of crowd-sourced sets to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brick.  We learned a lot and are keen to explore more ways of working together to create value.  We look forward to collaborating further with our adult fans, while retaining and nurturing the independent spirit of the digital platform.”

The acquisition also includes Sohobricks which makes small batches of building elements.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Closing is expected to occur before the end of 2019.

About the LEGO Group: 

The LEGO Group’s mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through the power of play. The LEGO System in Play, with its foundation in LEGO® bricks, allows children and fans to build and rebuild anything they can imagine.  The LEGO Group was founded in Billund, Denmark in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, its name derived from the two Danish words LEg GOdt, which mean “Play Well”.  Today, the LEGO Group remains a family-owned company headquartered in Billund. However, its products are now sold in more than 140 countries worldwide. For more information:

About BrickLink:

BrickLink is an online marketplace for LEGO® products and represents a vibrant adult fan community. The website was founded in April 2000 and currently has more than 1 million members. For more information: and @bricklink on IG and Twitter.

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #181 : 26. November 2019, 14:46:53 »
No do p... Ak to daju na svoj obraz a zmenia to na platformu aku ma ich shop tak...  :oldman:

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #182 : 26. November 2019, 14:51:43 »
Už dlho mi nič nevyrazilo dych, tak asi bolo na čase

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #183 : 26. November 2019, 15:55:26 »
tak to je podla mna zla sprava... nic dobreho necakam... uplne si viem predstavit, ze zdvihnu poplatky, resp vymyslia rozne administrativne prekazky typu povinna certifikacia predajcov u lega a pod, resp rozne obmedzenia, ako pozname z ich neslavneho webu, alebo cenzury (len tak z fleku si viem predstavit, ze mozu stopnut predaj sortimentu, ktory podla TLG podmienok neni urceny na predaj, napr vianocne bonus sety)... jedine plus vidim v reklame, ze sa viac ludi cez TLG dozvie o tejto platforme... ale vsadil by som vsetko svoje lego, ze negativa prevazia... 

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #184 : 26. November 2019, 15:59:59 »
A je to v prdeli!

'vysokohorská prirážka'....prvé, čo sa mi vybavilo

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #185 : 26. November 2019, 16:08:07 »
Several AFOLs who run bricklink shops are concerned they will be banned from buying from Lego on account of being "resellers". There are also concerns that third party vendors who sell custom, non-LEGO parts would also be banned, despite these parts not violating LEGO's policies or competing directly with LEGO products. An example would be vendors who make custom train track.

the reseller question bought up here is an important one, but  requires a bit more research first before I can provide an answer. Right now, we are in very early days so we cannot yet say for sure what the future holds.
Regarding the secondhand marketplace:  What’s great about LEGO bricks is that it’s a true system of play. Elements we’ve produced since 1958 is compatible with the bricks that we have today. We’re supportive of the fact that these bricks are still in circulation and they’re still being used and leveraged for creativity.
For custom parts, again, an important question. We would like this to be a platform for LEGO Bricks and LEGO-branded products, as that was Dan’s original vision. This is an issue we will review as the deal closes.

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #186 : 26. November 2019, 16:41:22 »

EHM , jak to povedat diplomaticky....... MOZU TO LEN SKURVIT....

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #187 : 26. November 2019, 16:44:28 »

A ako prve mozu zavriet forum , neprijemne otazky netreba...

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #188 : 26. November 2019, 16:45:10 »


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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #189 : 26. November 2019, 16:48:20 »
No..a je to vybavené ......

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #190 : 26. November 2019, 17:16:26 »
Mám obavu ,že prečíslujú dieliky podľa ich LEGO ID a kategórie domixujú k obrazu svojmu  :-\

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #191 : 26. November 2019, 17:19:56 »
A som dostaval MOCi kus. Nas...ť na celé TLG banda jedna. Čo môžu doj..ú.

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #192 : 26. November 2019, 22:37:09 »
Z bricklinku se musí stáhnout BrickArms. TLC nepodporuje zbraně, násilí etc... Hlavně, že celý katalog je plný akčních setů ale to je OK...

Víc na promobricku....

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #193 : 27. November 2019, 19:06:29 »
Mam uplne rovnake nazory ako vy. Pre mna najhorsia sprava tohto roka. A nieze legova, ale vseobecne.
Tak ako pise mesje - obmedzenia, zvysovanie poplatkov, buzeracia, "normalizacia" :D ... Nic, absolutne nic dobre z toho necakam.

Inak uprimne, pocas poslednych mesiacov som sa vzdy zlakol ked som tam videl na BL main stranke nieco na sposob "kolaboracia BL a TLG". Bolo viacero takychto eventov a vzdy mi tak trosku stislo rit, ze ci uz BL nebude patrit pod TLG. Zakazdym mi odlahlo, ale nemal som z toho dobry pocit. Bral som to take miesanie sa TLG tam kde nema co robit, do sekundarneho trhu. A bum, nakoniec teraz k tomu prislo  :-[

Zaujimal by ma papluhov nazor na tuto zmenu :D  Alebo mas este PR skolenie od TLG na tuto temu?  ;)

Mimochodom, odporucam precitat si komenty na BL na to oznamenie  ;D :

"And like that, 10000 new brickowl accounts were created. "

"Personally, I would rather have seen a 500 error."


« Posledná zmena: 27. November 2019, 19:14:33 od Frco »

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Re: BrickLink
« Odpoveď #194 : 27. November 2019, 21:43:55 »
Toľko negatívnych správ. Berme to pozitívne: budeme viac času tráviť v prírode  ;D

Ináč za mňa  :vomitsmall: